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Highly trained technicians can massage a metal panel (mainly from behind) to return it to its original profile. This method of dent repair has continually developed in line with changing vehicle manufacture and design  
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Development of special tooling allows us to gain access into areas previously thought impossible, ever more common where manufacturers design in more strengthened sections and crash impact bars. As the paintwork remains original and unaltered in any way, there is no risk of colour mismatch, over spray or surface contamination. Indeed the manufacturers warranty remains intact as this method of repair is utilised and approved by manufacturers, delivery companies, etc on their new vehicles.
Maintaining residual values. According to statistics, the value of a used car can reduce by up to 15% by the presence of cosmetic dents. Low cost repairs are significantly cheaper than traditional body shop methods. For Fleet users we can significantly reduce your end of lease charges. Enhancement: By maintaining the appearance of your vehicle you keep that new car feeling. Convenience: Most dent repairs can be completed within an hour. Manufacturers warranty: As the paintwork remains original there is no conflict with manufacturer’s warranty. Discounts for regular customers. Environmentally sound: This is the ultimate in recycling as all there are no new materials required. As there are no chemicals involved in our process so there are also no harmful emissions.
Dent Devils Guildford
Dent Devils Guildford Tel: 07770 608086 Dent Removal